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Notes from SMX, London 2014

I had the pleasure of attending the SMX conference in London this year at Stamford Bridge. SEO events of late have been curious affairs. An air of confusion and anxiety prevails – What’s Google going to do next? How can

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China’s changing search engine landscape

Compared to the West, the search engine landscape in China is ever-changing. The emergence of Qihoo as a major player has been astonishing; with recent figures announced by the CNZZ showing that Qihoo now has 20% of the Chinese search

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Google Hummingbird – The Upshot

Google announced their largest algorithm update since 2001, at a press conference last month, heralding the usual consternation among the SEO fraternity, in a year of much change and upheaval. So what is the likely impact of the update known

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Penguin 2 and the Future of Link Building

So May was another month of change for the world of SEO, with Google’s Penguin 2 algorithm update taking effect. Penguin 2 being the 4th Penguin update (!), called 2 because it’s the second algorithmic update as opposed to merely

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The Implications of Google’s ‘Not Provided’ for SEO and Brands – Looking Beyond Google Analytics

The growth of Google Analytics ‘not provided’ keyword traffic percentages has become the bane of digital marketers across the globe. How do you now measure SEO performance when sometimes over 50% of your organic web traffic is undisclosed. It’s a

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