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About Me

Welcome to my blog, where I talk about all things digital marketing.

I also talk about digital marketing for emerging markets, which is an area my business Regroup is heavily involved with.

As a brief intro – I am Scott Muir, founder of Regroup Media, a digital marketing agency based in London, UK. I am a passionate digital marketeer, with over 20-years experience of working in the digital domain.

Prior to starting Regroup I co-founded Eyefall; a leading Search Marketing agency in London (acquired by The Engine Group), and I was a co-founder of top 10 digital agency Altogether.

Enjoy the commentary and feel free to engage.

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Core Expertise

  • Digital Marketing for emerging markets – Principally China & India.
  • SEO,
  • PPC,
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Social Media,
  • Mobile Marketing

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