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The Implications of Google’s ‘Not Provided’ for SEO and Brands – Looking Beyond Google Analytics

The growth of Google Analytics ‘not provided’ keyword traffic percentages has become the bane of digital marketers across the globe. How do you now measure SEO performance when sometimes over 50% of your organic web traffic is undisclosed. It’s a

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Alibaba Continues to Grow with Stake in Weibo in China

Alibaba, the biggest e-commerce group in China has acquired an 18% stake in Weibo, one of China’s leading social media channels, akin to Twitter, this month. Reports suggest that Alibaba also has the rights to extend this stake in the

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Google Glass – The privacy debate

The nature of Google Glass, straight out of a 1960’s spy flick, means wearers can take photos and video clips without the subject knowing. Not only that but questions are now beig raised as to whethewr Glas will enable face

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