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London welcomes Premier Li – Strengthening Anglo-China Relations

It was a pleasure to attend Premier Li’s speech this week in London, against the prehistoric backdrop of the National History Museum. The UK-China Business dinner was a fascinating event, reaffirming the strengthening relationship between the UK and China. The event

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The Power of YouTube

I had the pleasure of visiting Google HQ in Dublin this week to meet with our account management team, on Regroup business. Every time I meet with Google, they flag up the huge potential reach offered by YouTube for advertisers looking

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Panda 4 – Latest Update from Google & Panda(monium) at eBay

So there has been a few weeks since Google’s latest major algorithm update- Panda 4, rolled out in May. What has been the impact? The key thrust of Panda 4 has been a side-swipe at sites with low quality content.

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Notes from SMX, London 2014

I had the pleasure of attending the SMX conference in London this year at Stamford Bridge. SEO events of late have been curious affairs. An air of confusion and anxiety prevails – What’s Google going to do next? How can

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Search Marketing Expo – SMX London, latest news

Getting closer to this years SMX event at Chelsea FC on 13 & 14 May, 2014. Here is the bulletin from SMX:- Lenovo Vice President and General Manager Keynotes at SMX London 2014 Ajit Sivadasan manages a team spanning 10

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